Our Approach

At SpryPoint, we believe that integrating software development and software support is the optimal way to serve customers. In that spirit, we support our customers with a team of cross-functional individuals who are not only knowledgeable on the functional aspects of your SpryPoint application, but have also worked in the trenches developing and testing the same application.

Contact & Hours

As a SpryPoint customer you will receive unlimited support through phone, email, and our Support Portal. We monitor our support queue Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5PM EST so that we can properly triage your tickets. After-hours, on-call support is also available when requested in advance to provide you with an extra layer of support.

Customer Portal

Our Support Portal is much more than just a ticket management system. In addition to the ability submit and track track support tickets, customers are able to manage user registration, browse through our Support Documentation and engage on SpryPoint Forums.


Documentation is a key component of the service we provide to our customers. Sprypoint technical writers follow a continuous and iterative process where documentation is refined and updated to ensure all information is up-to-date. All SpryPoint documentation is crafted with searchable titles and is designed to enable our customers to easily find the answers they need.

Training Videos

All clients have access to our tailor made training videos within our applications. These training videos cover basic topics such as general navigation through to more complex functional areas. Training videos are regularly updated and serve as a great resource for both refresher training for existing staff as well as introductory training for new team members.