No Hardware Required

All of our solutions are delivered as a service through a web browser.

Worry-Free Upgrades

Gone are the days of costly upgrades with months of testing. We push instantaneous updates to our customers. All application patches are managed and applied by SpryPoint as frequently as weekly and can be applied throughout the day with no loss of functionality or performance for end-users. Updates are structured to allow clients to leave undesired features inactive in the updated application.

Built API First

All SpryPoint solutions were designed from square one with REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable real-time integration with other solutions. SpryPoint also has experience doing database level integrations with other enterprise applications that do not have APIs available. We pride ourselves on being flexible in working with all systems. SpryPoint manages the building, testing, sandboxing, and sign-off for production deployment of all integrations.

Bullseye Performance

We leverage our cloud technologies to ensure best in application up-time as well as backup and recovery services. Our platform can be seamlessly scaled up or down to match your performance needs.

Strong Security

Security is at the core of our platform and delivery model. Our security is built to protect your data with our very own moat and castle system.

  • High Availability with Monitoring of Security & Performance
  • Deterrent, Preventive & Detective Controls
  • Multi-factor Authentication & Active Directory Integration
  • Role-Based Security
  • Data Security, Integrity & Encryption
  • PCI Compliance for e-commerce through 3rd Party Partnerships
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails and Logs