Vera Water and Power selects SpryPoint to implement SpryCIS as a new cloud based Customer Information System

Vera Water and Power selects SpryPoint to implement SpryCIS as a new cloud based Customer Information System

Vera Water and Power selects SpryPoint to implement SpryCIS as a new cloud-based Customer Information System

SpryPoint Services Inc. (“SpryPoint”) is excited to announce that it has been selected by Vera Water & Power (“Vera”) to implement SpryCIS (Customer Information System) and SpryEngage (Customer Engagement Platform) to support its mission of providing its customers the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost while responsibly managing its resources, employees, and the environment.

Vera recognized the changing demands of their customers and sought out a modern platform that was flexible enough to address new and future requirements including smart grid compatibility, enhanced customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and the ability to support efficiency and conservation initiatives. Vera proceeded through a multiyear procurement process that included a Request for Information, Request for Proposal, and numerous product demonstrations before selecting SpryPoint.

Jim Fields, Assistant General Manager at Vera commented:

“We decided to modernize our supporting technology platforms to better serve both our employees and customers. We strategically sought out best-of-breed applications to better align our software capabilities with the people that are using them. When it came to evaluating Customer Information Systems (CIS), we were very impressed with the agility and modern user interface of SpryCIS. Their platform will allow us to eliminate many of our manual processes and take advantage of best practices when it comes to integration and automation. We are particularly excited to provide our customers more self-service options using SpryEngage which provides one centralized platform for our customers to manage their accounts, pay their bills, view their consumption, and sign up for various alerts. We are confident that with SpryPoint as a partner we will improve the efficiency of our staff and the satisfaction of our customers.”

Ryan Cawley, Managing Partner at SpryPoint added:

“All of SpryPoint’s applications were built based on direct input from our customers. Our team is constantly analyzing the market and documenting the evolving requirements of utilities. As a true Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, SpryPoint adds functionality and pushes updates to our applications as frequently as bi-weekly to ensure we can meet the requirements of our customers. Upon meeting the selection committee at Vera it was apparent that they had a progressive mindset and were looking for a fresh approach to utility software which aligned very well with our offering. We are excited to add Vera to our growing customer base in Washington state.”

About SpryPoint

SpryPoint was founded in 2011 to help utilities address the technological advances of the last decade. We believe that efficient business processes are at the core of customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. To address the evolving utility landscape, SpryPoint has developed a cloud-based platform of enterprise solutions designed to make our customers’ lives easier. We help utilities improve customer service and operations through business automation. SpryPoint provides Smart Solutions for Smart Utilities.

To learn more about SpryCIS® and our platform of cloud solutions for utilities please visit our website at

About Vera Water & Power

Vera Water & Power serves over 25,000 people in the Spokane Valley. Vera’s job as a publicly-owned, not-for-profit utility is to deliver safe, reliable electricity and water at the lowest price possible while responsibly managing our resources, our employees, and our environment.