SpryPoint Secures Eight New Projects in a Quarter, Expanding its Cloud Utility Application Reach


SpryPoint, a pioneering force in cloud-native utility applications, proudly announces the signing of eight new clients in the recent quarter. This expansion adds an additional 400,000 services being billed through SpryCIS, including electric, water, sewer, and stormwater management, across a national customer base.

Further demonstrating industry demand for its client-centric solutions, SpryPoint will deploy 24 new applications across these eight transformational technology projects. The line-up features seven SpryCIS (Customer Information Systems), eight SpryEngage platforms designed to enhance customer interactions, seven SpryMobile applications for agile field service management, and two SpryBackflow systems for ensuring water safety and compliance.

“This quarter’s results underscore the trust and confidence that utility providers place in SpryPoint’s ability to deliver top-tier software solutions,” said Kyle Strang, CEO of SpryPoint. “We are excited to forge new partnerships and to continue the expansion of the SpryPoint client community.”

The new projects underscore SpryPoint’s role in leading digital transformation initiatives for utility companies, providing scalable, secure, and efficient applications tailored to the unique challenges of utility management.

“Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we look forward to seeing our new partners achieve remarkable efficiency and customer engagement through our suite of applications,” added Kevin Clancey, Chief Business Development Officer.

With a proven track record of enhancing operational performance and customer service, SpryPoint Services continues to grow its presence as a trusted ally for utility providers navigating the complexities of modern utility management now to 70 utilities.

For additional details about SpryPoint and its cloud utility applications, visit www.sprypoint.com or contact info@sprypoint.com.

About SpryPoint Services

SpryPoint Services offers an array of advanced cloud-based applications designed to empower utility providers. Its commitment to innovation and excellence has established SpryPoint as a leader in software solutions for the utility industry, streamlining operations and fostering customer engagement.