SpryPoint Celebrates Successful Launch of 19 Applications for Seven Clients in the Last Quarter


SpryPoint announces that seven of its clients have successfully gone live with a total of 19 applications in the last quarter. This milestone achievement demonstrates SpryPoint’s customer onboarding strength which includes CIS billing for over 275,000 services, strengthening SpryPoint’s position as a leader in innovative utility solutions across North America.

The suite of applications deployed includes five instances of the cloud-native Customer Information System (SpryCIS), five leading-edge mobile applications for field service (SpryMobile Field Service), two applications delivering Work and Asset Management Systems (SpryMobile WAMS), three backflow prevention and compliance systems (SpryBackflow), in addition to four customer engagement platform deployments (SpryEngage).

“These implementations demonstrate our commitment to our clients by delivering comprehensive, reliable, scalable solutions that cater to the evolving needs of utility service providers,” said Kevin Clancey, Chief Business Development Officer of SpryPoint. “Our team worked closely with each client to ensure each team was prepared for successful launches, ensuring a seamless transition and to activate the full potential of the SpryPoint ecosystem.”

SpryPoint’s achievement is notable given the complexity of multiple application integrations across a variety of client infrastructures. The success of these rollouts not only showcases SpryPoint’s technical expertise but also its dedication to providing exceptional customer service and support throughout the implementation process.

“These projects are a story of digital transformation and our clients now have the tools to streamline their operations, engage more effectively with their customers, and manage their resources more efficiently,” added Kyle Strang, CEO. “This is just the beginning, as we continue to innovate and expand our offerings to empower utilities with the best technology solutions.”

As SpryPoint celebrates this milestone, the company looks forward to continuing its growth trajectory and reinforcing its partnerships with utility providers across the country.

For more information about SpryPoint and its suite of utility solutions, please visit www.sprypoint.com or contact info@sprypoint.com.

About SpryPoint

SpryPoint is a leading provider of software solutions for the utility industry, focusing on delivering innovative and efficient technologies to help utility companies optimize their operations. With a robust product line that addresses everything from customer information systems to field service management, SpryPoint is at the forefront of the digital transformation in the utilities sector.